Interesting places

Around the Naturparkcamp Geschriebenstein in the Rechnitz, there are many interesting and varied opportunities for young and old


The overlapping natural park Geschriebenstein offers a variety of possibilities for "young" and "old". 

The Geschriebenstein offers hikers, mountain bikers, walkers, cyclists and NordicWalkers an interesting and varied way and routes to get closer to nature a bit closer. More than 500 km of cycling and hiking tours cross the national park.



A walk with the birds.

Up in the crown of the forest is the treetop trail. So close to nature is seldom where.  A nature trail embedded in the forest of Geschriebenstein nature invites nature to go a step closer and enjoy it.

Observation Tower

At the border to Hungary, in 1913, the municipality of Rechnitz erected a magnificent Observation Tower made of solid stone.
The tower offers an excellent view over the South Burgenland and Hungary.

Lake in Faludital

The bathing lake in the picturesque Faludital, embedded in a ca 5ha large area, fed by sources from the Geschriebenstein, offers an excellent cooling possibility on hot summers.
In 1961, this bathing lake was artificially built up and is thus the first artificial artificial lake in Burgenland. The lake has a water surface of 300 meters in width and 100 meters in length and also offers enough space for larger groups.



On the way to the observation tower, you pass the Steinlehrpfad. At the entrance of the path is a sculpture with the 16 stone types, which occur on Geschriebenstein.   The path is decorated by large and small specimens, until you finally reach the observation tower. The "Written Stone".

Knight's castle

Surrounded by a breathtaking lake, is located in Lockenhaus, in the district Oberpullendorf, (about 30 minutes drive) the Ritterburg. Built in the 13th century, it still retains the charm of a knight castle with many details. Walks, and visits invite young and old in a charming world of knights.

Jurisics Burg

In the heart of Köszeg / Güns is one of the most beautiful castles of the Renaissance. A few kilometers behind the Austrian border, the imposing building is home to inviting you to dream.
For several centuries, the castle has been enlarged again and again and consists of a suburb, an inner city, a courtyard and a high castle.

Peace Castle Austria

The Peace Castle Austria is located in Stadtschlaining. In the 13th century, the castle was mentioned for the first time in the possession of the Güssing counts. The "Peace Castle Austria" has been regarded as an international reference point for violent conflict management since 1983.
The United Nations, the OSCE and the EU Member States, as well as many other organizations, are training their members to attend special seminars at the Friedensburg, before they take on international missions abroad.


Speed Arena

Austria's kart scene can look forward to a new, sensational high-speed track in Rechnitz. Just a few minutes from the Geschriebenstein nature park camp, a 50,000 square kilometer of kart park was built in the Gewerbepark von Rechnitz