The building

The bulding includes:

  • one sleepingroom with 14 beds
  • one sleepingroom with 16 beds
  •  one room with 6 beds, one sitting area and a meeting table (Leiter Room)
  • a kitchen
  • sanitary rooms


  • effective area 150 squaremeter
  • a weatherproofed location
  • illuminated
  • water connected
  • power supply 230Volt
  • power supply 480Volt 32A
  • with 10 portable ale-benches

The kitchen is equipped by:

  • two big gas-stove includes an electrical oven
  • one microwave
  • two big fridges
  • two small fridges
  • one freezer
  • one kitchen sink

        (there are no dishes available)


The sanitary installations is equipped by

  • 3 washing rooms
  • 4 toilet facility
  • 5 showers

One seperate sanitary instation with a toilet, a shower and a washing facilities is also available.


Hot water is generated by an electrical oven and available in the sanitary rooms and the kitchen.